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An Easy Cabinet Organization for all of Your Spices

What is the most disorganized space in your kitchen? For me, it was probably my spice cabinet. We love spices in this house, so we have a lot! I was constantly rummaging around in my cabinet trying to find certain spices, but not anymore! Personally I feel more motivated to cook when I don’t have to constantly search for things. I work much better in a space where everything has a home, so I love this easy cabinet organization for all of your spices.

easy cabinet organization for all of your spices
The first step to organizing is to take absolutely everything out of your space.

Sort through it all getting rid of anything you don’t or can’t use. Simply getting rid of “junk” you don’t need anymore instantly helps. Once you take everything out, you can step back and look at your space to figure out how best to organize everything. Since I have a lot of spices I knew I wouldn’t have enough room to store all of my coffee pods, so I decided to create a little coffee station. It turned out so cute! You can go check that out HERE.

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Now it’s time to organize all of those spices!

I found some really awesome bamboo spice racks that matched my cabinets perfectly! I love these, because you can expand them from 8.75″ to 15.5″ in width. This can really help you customize them to your specific space. If you want to learn about my secret spice jar trick, check it out HERE.

I also grabbed a few of these inexpensive white bins. This is where I put all of my extra stuff I didn’t want displayed on my spice racks. Then I took some chalk labels and labeled each bin. This gives the perfect touch, plus it helps you (or your messy hubby/kids) remember what is in each bin. I love these Dollar Tree labels because, they are $1 for 4 super cute labels!

labels for an easy cabinet organization for all of your spices

The last two things I added were these stackable jars and a 2 tier lazy susan. These stackable jars are awesome to store all of those extra coffee grounds. I love that they stack and are the perfect size to utilize the vertical space. I used the lazy susan to keep all of the spices that we use on the daily. This makes it super easy to grab quickly when you are in the middle of cooking!

Now I have a beautiful, functional space for all of my spices!
easy cabinet organization for all of your spices

This was such an easy cabinet organization for all of my spices. I’ve cooked a handful of times since organizing this cabinet and I am so glad that I started with this one first. It’s much more enjoyable to be in the kitchen now!

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