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12 Clever Fridge Organization Ideas You Never Thought Of

When I was working on my fridge organization, which you can check out HERE, I came across so many awesome ideas but my fridge was just way too small to use all of them. Lucky for you – what didn’t work for me, might work for you! Here are 12 clever fridge organization ideas you may have never thought of.

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1. 2-Tier Turn Table

Turn tables are the best! I used a single one in my own fridge organization and I would highly recommend using them. This has eliminated a lot of searching and knocking over things in our small fridge. What I really wanted was to use a double turn table, so much that I did actually order this one! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it to work in my fridge, but this one is so cool and would be perfect in a bigger fridge. I love it because it has little removable bins and it’s height is adjustable. The single one is awesome too and comes with a removable mat. I personally really love the YouCopia brand in general, they have a bunch of other organizational items you should definitely check out!

2-Tier Height Adjustable Turntable

12 Clever Fridge Organization Ideas You Never Thought Of - turntable

Single Turntable

2. Undershelf Baskets

There are a couple different types of these undershelf baskets. One is a wire basket, this one is the bigger option and will usually fit on any shelf. I have tested these in my own fridge and they fit, but just didn’t work with what I wanted. The other option are the plastic ones that are a little smaller. I believe these only fit on a certain type of shelf (but not certain), so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Under Shelf Basket

Refrigerator Drawers For Shelves

3. Magazine Holders

I know this is thinking a little outside of the box, but that’s what I love so much about organization! Hear me out. If you need a little extra shelf space, grab a couple of these magazine racks and lay them on their side. This creates little shelves in the corner that you can stick lunch meat, kids snacks, drinks, or whatever you want in. This is such a good way to use the vertical space in your fridge!

Magazine Racks

12 Clever Fridge Organization Ideas You Never Thought Of - magazine holders
4. Cosmetic Drawers

I love using extra drawers in a fridge. These cosmetic organizers are perfect because they are stackable and come in different sizes. I really like the fact that they are clear so you can see what is inside of them, plus there are different sizes so you can mix and match to fit whatever you need for your space. You could also use the mini plastic drawers if you have some smaller items you’d like to keep organized. I feel like we all have these little mini drawers lying around, am I right?!

Stackable Cosmetic Organizer Drawers

Mini 3 Drawer Organizer

5. Zip n Store

What a cool little gadget! This zip n store holds all of your zip lock baggies. You could use it for veggies, leftovers, or even your meal preps. No more having your zip lock bags all thrown in a drawer or unnecessary Tupperware everywhere. Just make sure you check the dimensions and installation, to make sure it will work in your fridge.

Zip n Store

12 Clever Fridge Organization Ideas You Never Thought Of - Zip n Store
6. Wall Mount File Holder

This is another one of those think outside of the box options, but how perfect would these wall mount holders be for that extra space on the inside of your fridge wall? You could even use the smaller ones if that would work better in your space. Just use some temperature safe command strips and stick them anywhere you want.

Wall Mount File Holder

Hanging Wall File Organizer

We are half way through our 12 clever fridge organization ideas, keep reading to find out the rest!

7. Kitchen Sink Holder

This kitchen sink holder goes hand in hand with the last option, but it’s smaller and it has suction cups so you won’t need to worry about the command strips. Now you have the perfect place to put your cheese, prepped fruit, or kid’s snacks.

Kitchen Sink Suction Holder

12 Clever Fridge Organization Ideas You Never Thought Of - Kitchen Sink Suction Holder
8. Wine Bottle Storage

If you are a wine drinker, this wine rack is amazing! There is nothing worse then trying to find a space in your fridge for these tall bottles to fit. This also uses your vertical space and allows you to stack two wine bottles on top of each other. More wine for the win!

Wine Rack Storage Organizer 

9. Water Holder

Tell me something more annoying then reaching into your fridge to grab one thing, only to knock over a bunch of water bottles! Seriously, you need this water bottle bin. I use mine in my pantry because I don’t love cold water, but it’s so nice to have all of my bottles in one space. This is a must have!

Water Bottle Organizer Bin

12 Clever Fridge Organization Ideas You Never Thought Of - Water Bottle Bin
10. Produce Containers

I love these produce containers for so many reasons. They keep your fruit and veggies fresh longer, allow you to prep them for easy access, makes your fridge look more organized and cohesive, plus they stack which helps you save on space. If you are a person who eats a lot of produce, these are perfect for you!

Stackable Food Storage Containers 

11. Food Storage Container with Lid & Handle

These food storage containers with handles are great for larger fridges. You can even get them with little removable bins, which is so awesome for storing more than one type of food in the same space. What I love most about these is that you can put pretty much anything in them, so the possibilities are endless.

Food Storage Container with Lid & Handle

Food Storage Container with Removable Bins

12. Mason Jars

Mason jars are another good option to store fruits and veggies or meal prep. I really like these jars because they come with labels, and y’all know I love labels! Keep an eye out for another post on different label options. Mason jars are just a good item to have in general, because you can use them to organize so many things around your home.

16oz Mason Jars with Labels

12 Clever Fridge Organization Ideas You Never Thought Of - Mason Jars

There they are! The 12 clever fridge organization ideas you may have never thought of.

When organizing, try to think outside of the box. Sometimes those items that are meant for other things work the best else where. Just because it seems like an item is meant to be used in a particular way, doesn’t mean that’s all it can be used for. Use your imagination and do what works best for you.

Which idea was your favorite? Let me know!

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