Testing Out 15 Cleaning Products! Are They Worth It?

I’m so excited about this week’s blog post! I’ve had my eye on a couple cleaning products, so I figured why not gather a bunch to test out. Some of these products I already had, but they are either products that I’ve literally never touched or had less than a month. The rest of the products I ordered off of Amazon, and there’s a bunch I’ve never tried! So let’s get into testing out 15 cleaning products to find out, are they worth it?

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1. Blind Duster

Testing Out 15 Cleaning Products! Are They Worth It? - Blind Duster

First up we have this little blind dusting tool. I actually picked this one up randomly as I was grocery shopping, but it just sat around my house. Do you ever do that? That’s the problem with shopping in the stores, I always end up spending way more!

I was pretty excited about this one because we have a lot of windows, but honestly I didn’t like it at all. I formed an opinion on this one really quickly. It’s awkward to use and ended up taking me a lot longer to clean the blinds than I think it would have if I just wiped them down. It also left dust behind where the strings attached to the blind slats. Other than that, it did do a decent job picking up the dust. It might be okay to use for touch ups if needed, but all in all I just think it’s kind of unnecessary and slows down the process. With the amount of windows I have, that’s no good.

2. Spin Brush

Next up we have this Rubbermaid spin brush. This is such an awesome little tool! I used it to clean the little groove where the sink meets the counter. That spot can get really gross and this guy definitely does a good job. I also used it around my faucet and soap dispenser.

It’s a really good detailing brush that you could use anywhere! Kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers, etc. I actually plan on getting a second one to use in my bathrooms, because I have two boys and they can be really be gross! I need something to clean around the bottom of the toilet. If you are a boy Mom, you know! Unfortunately I can’t use any steam because I have laminate, so I think that this brush could really help. I’ll keep you updated.

3. Vacuum

Testing Out 15 Cleaning Products! Are They Worth It? - Vacuum

This Eureka cordless vacuum is my favorite! I’ve had this for less than a month, but it’s been the best cordless vacuum I’ve ever owned.

There are a couple things that could be cons, depending on what you think is a con. To me they aren’t enough to make me love this vacuum less. First thing is the battery. It’s attached to the top of the handle, so it does make the vacuum a little heavier. I got used to it and it really doesn’t bother me, but I did definitely notice it the first few times I tried it. The second thing is the groove on the handle, it’s supposed to make it possible to lean against your counter but it doesn’t work for me. I guess maybe my counter is a little too tall? I’m not sure. Either way it could work for you, but it also might not – so just don’t get too excited about this feature!

Those things aside, it does a really good job vacuuming. I have a super hairy dog and it’s been doing great with that. You can use it on hard floors and your rugs, it’s super versatile. You can also take the handle off to make it more of a handheld and it does great with vacuuming couches!

4. Angry Mama

Next up we have these little Angry Mamas. To be honest, I’m an angry Mama about these dang things! I was so disappointed by these. I don’t know what I was really expecting, but it just didn’t do anything for me. They are supposed to help you wipe down your microwave better, but I still had to scrub my glass plate. I just felt like it made my kitchen smell like vinegar and I was not a fan at all. This was a big no for me and I’m super sad about it. These little Mamas are so cute, but they just are not worth it in my opinion.

5. Disposal Pods

First off these garbage disposal pods smell amazing! Mine were pear and magnolia scented. It looks like they change up the scent every once in awhile, so right now they have this tangerine with lemongrass. I bet it smells just as amazing!

I love these pods so much. They work really well and I love the idea of being able to actually clean and sanitize the garbage disposal. If you think about it, it probably gets really gross. I think because my kids don’t run the disposal as much as they probably should while doing the dishes, ours will randomly smell and I hate it so much. From now on I will definitely be adding these pods to my disposal weekly.

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Testing Out 15 Cleaning Products! Are They Worth It? - Grove Collaborative

6. Toilet Wand

This toilet wand is also from Grove Collaborative. I love their brushes, because you can take the brush part off and replace them without needing to get a whole new one! First off, this brush set is really nice looking (as far as toilet brushes go) so it’s not so bad to set out next to your toilet. The brush is pretty basic, except it does have a little part of the brush that you can use as a detailing brush to clean up under your bowl. That’s super useful.

What really sold me on this brush was that it came with a sanitizing tablet you put in the brush holder. I hate that traditional brushes just sit in their nasty water, so I’m really excited to see how this does over time! I’ll keep you updated.

7. Swiffer Duster

Next up is this Swiffer dusting kit. The dusters that I tried were the lavender ones. I realized after I tried them that there are different dusters available. This one from Amazon comes with regular dusters that go all the way around. The lavender ones only went half way around. They smell really good, but I would have preferred them to be fluffy all the way around. I also feel like it kind of matted up a little, but it does awesome picking up dust. The handle was really nice because it extends and the top is adjustable, making it super easy to dust! I will definitely be using this from now on, only with the 360 dusters.

8. Window Groove Cleaning Kit

This window groove cleaning kit is such a good deal. It’s only $3.99! The little brushes it comes with are 100% worth that cost. They are really nice to get into the sides of your window track to clean all the dirt and grime that collects. I feel like you could even use this little brush to clean that crack between your oven and counter, you know what I’m talking about? I’m always trying to shove my wash rag down there to clean it out!

The scrubbing pad was nice to clean all of the dirt up, you do just have to be careful that you don’t scratch your paint depending on where your using it. It is really nice to get into the edge of the window track. I also was hoping that it would help me clean the fly poop that we sometimes get on the frame of the window. I know it’s gross, but we live in the south and it just is what it is. It definitely did the job, I would just say it works better when you wet it down!

We are half way done testing out our 15 cleaning products to find out if they are worth buying!

9. Microfiber Cloths

Testing Out 15 Cleaning Products! Are They Worth It? - Microfiber Cloths

I love these microfiber cloths! They are super soft, such pretty colors, and really inexpensive. We use a lot of paper towels around here, so I’d like to cut that down. I think that these cloths will really help in doing that. I also think these would work really well for dusting. Definitely plan to order some more!

10. Dish Brush

Next up is this dish brush also from Grove. Again, I love their brushes because the brush part comes off and is replaceable! I really liked this brush for things like plates, bowls, and pans. Plus it did a really good job cleaning my actual sink. However, I think a round bottle brush would be better for things like cups. You can get a bottle brush HERE.

The wood handle on these brushes are so pretty! I think they look so cute next to your sink. It’s all about functional beauty over here!

11. Fabric Shaver

This fabric shaver is the best! We just bought a couch about a year ago and the fabric on the cushions has started to pill a little. This thing does the job 100%. I did one cushion and now it’s so much softer! So exciting!

The only thing I will say about this particular one, is that it is small. It’s more of a travel size, or maybe for clothing. It does work on the couch, but since it’s small it’ll just take longer to shave the whole couch. I think eventually I will be getting a bigger version. This one is also battery operated, which is not the biggest deal but they do have an option for a USB charging one. I just bought the least expensive one to test out first. In my opinion this is so worth every penny!

12. Cleaning Slime

This cleaning slime is so fun! It did such a good job picking up all the dust particles that get in your car vents, all over your dashboard, and around your cup holder. I especially love this to get into spaces that are hard to get into. This is a must have for all of your cars! It will eventually get dingy after awhile, but it’s super inexpensive so just grab another one and you are good to go.

13. Spinwave Mop

Testing Out 15 Cleaning Products! Are They Worth It? - Mop

I have a lot of thoughts on this mop. I do like it, but I also don’t love it. It’s a good mop to clean up every day dirt, but it doesn’t clean up sticky stuck-on-the-floor spots. If you have kids and animals, you know what I mean. It does come with two different types of pads, one is more for “scrubbing” and one is for buffing. The scrubbing one, in my opinion, doesn’t really scrub at all. I usually just use this for the daily dirt and then a scrubber to clean up any bad spots.

I do love how the pads spin and it moves on it’s own. After vacuuming a whole entire house I appreciate that part, but all in all I’m just kinda eh on this mop. I’ve never had one that I’ve truly loved, so if you have any suggestions put them down in the comments!

We are almost done testing out 15 cleaning products to see if they are worth buying!

14. Ceiling Fan Duster

Next up we have this ceiling fan duster. This is such a good tool to have! It took me just a couple of minutes to clean up my fan blades and it didn’t make a mess at all. There were a few dust particles that dropped, but it was very minimal. It made it so much easier to dust the blades!

15. Steam Cleaner

Testing Out 15 Cleaning Products! Are They Worth It? - Steamshot

I saved the best for last, this Bissell Steamshot is amazing! This guy has been sitting in my Amazon cart for weeks now and this video was the perfect excuse to just go ahead and get it. I’m not disappointed at all.

I really wanted it to clean my toilets because like I’ve said I have boys and they are just messy in the bathrooms, if you know what I mean. The hinges of the toilet lids are so hard to clean and this thing worked like a charm! I’m super excited about this little machine and I can’t wait to use it on more things. I might have to do a whole separate post on just this thing!

You could use it on your toilets, tile, showers, etc. You can even use it to sanitize things like your couches, stuffed animals, and things that are too hard to put in the washer! Literally so many possibilities.

That’s it!

If you want to see the full video testing out these 15 cleaning products to find out if they are worth buying, watch it here!

I had so much fun testing these cleaning products out! I hope that you were able to find some new favorite things. The Bissell Steamshot was hands down my favorite! Tell me what yours is down below.

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