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10 Simple Dollar Tree Organizing Hacks

I just love a good trip to the Dollar Store. There are so many fun crafts and awesome ways you can organize using items that are only a dollar. Yes, please! I’m not always about spending the least amount of money for things. I used to be, but as I get older I do think there are certain things worth spending a little more on. At the same time I do appreciate a good inexpensive hack or two, and I think the Dollar Stores are awesome for organizing on a budget! I was wandering around in Dollar Tree the other day and it gave me an idea to gather my favorite 10 simple Dollar Tree organizing hacks to share with you!

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1. Jewelry Organization

I have to admit I’m a bit of a jewelry junkie. I have a lot of it, so I’m always looking for ways to organize it all. My pre-teen daughter has also recently started wearing earrings and necklaces, so this hack is perfect for her! Grab yourself an ice tray (they actual come in a pack of 2) and stick your earrings and smaller pieces of jewelry in each little ice space. This looks so cute on a shelf, dresser, or in even in your bathroom drawer.

10 Simple Dollar Store Organizing Hacks - Jewelry

This next hack is for on the go. Use this hardware storage case to hold all of your jewelry as you travel. These cases are pretty small and thin, so you could even use more than one if you wanted. This case is perfect and keeps all of your jewelry safe from being tangled while you are living out of your suitcase.

2. Cord Organization

This next hack can be used for traveling or just everyday. This little case for sunglasses is just the right size to hold a few of your electronic cords. You could even put your ear pods in there too! I use the small elastic bands to tie my cords together, which makes it so easy to just grab when needed.

3. Scrunchie or Bracelet Holder

This is such an awesome hack! Scrunchies are all the rage right now, but they do take up a lot of space. Get yourself a paper towel holder and stick your scrunchies on it. This is adorable on my daughter’s bathroom counter! I really like this holder because it doesn’t have an extra bar to hold the paper towels, it just has the one in the middle so it works so well. You could also use this same concept for bigger bracelets.

10 Simple Dollar Store Organizing Hacks - Scrunchies
4. Cotton Ball & Q-Tip Jars

We are always using cotton balls and Q-tips around here, so why not display them in a pretty way? I saw these candle jars with the black rims and thought they would be perfect for this. The candle holder part is connected to the lid, so you do have to cut that off first. Then just put your cotton balls and Q-tips in and there you have it! I love this idea because the lid is open so you can just grab what you need out of it without removing a lid. Side note – You do have to be really careful removing the inner candle holder. If you have any sharp edges left over, just file them down.

5. Cupcake Wrapper Storage

Do you have a bunch of cupcake wrappers just floating around in your cabinets? This hack is so simple! Grab any kind of jar, I got this small cookie jar, and stick your wrappers inside. The jar keeps them contained and looks cute too. I really like this jar because you can set it up straight or on it’s side. I personally think it looks really cute on it’s side.

You are half way through our 10 simple Dollar Tree organizing hacks, keep reading to learn about some more!

6. Drawer Organization

The Dollar Stores are the best for this! Each of these drawer organization packs come with 2 or 3 bins. For a dollar, you really can’t beat it. There are a few different sizes. Just arrange them in your drawer however you want and you have yourself a neat organized drawer. You could use these to organize your desk, in your bathroom drawers, for your makeup, or even in your kitchen. If you want a more custom look, go check out my post on how to DIY your own drawer dividers!

10 Simple Dollar Store Organizing Hacks - Drawers
7. Car Trash Can

If you have any kids at all, you know the amount of trash that collects every where on the daily. For the longest time I kept a grocery bag on the floor of my passenger seat just to try to keep our car more tidy. This hack is the best! Take this little plastic cereal canister and stick a mini bag in. It seriously makes the best little car trash can.

10 Simple Dollar Store Organizing Hacks - Car Trash Can
8. Magnetic Tins

These little tins are so fun! They are magnetic so you can stick them up to anything to keep your space more organized. They work really well for small little crafts. You could even use them for your spices, just stick them up to the side of your fridge! What’s not to love about this one?

9. Card Storage

Our family is huge on games, so we have a ton of cards. Usually I use a pony tail holder to wrap around and keep the cards together, but the kids always manage to mess them all up. This hack comes in super handy for us! I actually have two ways you can do this. Either with the crayon holders or the little Tupperware. The crayon holders only hold one deck, but if you need a little more space use the Tupperware. I just cut the front of the card box off and stuck it in the lid. It’s so perfect!

10. Snack Tray

This is probably one of my favorite hacks. Our family has movie night every Saturday, so I thought these were so fun! Use these little caddy’s to create a snack tray for you or your kiddos. Just put your drink, popcorn, and favorite candy in it and you are good to go. My kids tested them out for me this past weekend, and they are definitely kid approved! Little tip – I got my popcorn buckets at the Dollar Tree too!

Here is my YouTube video sharing all of these hacks!

I could probably go on and on past 10 simple Dollar Tree organizing hacks, but I won’t – today anyway! I’ve said it before, nothing is meant to be used for just one specific thing. Get creative and organize however works best for you. If you use any of these hacks or create your own, please share them with me!

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