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Do It Yourself Simple Spring Wood Bead Wreath

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m super over winter. I am ready for warmer weather and some Spring accents in my home! Lately I’ve been seeing these wood bead wreaths all over. They are so pretty and perfect for that little Spring touch! This do it yourself was so much fun and I think it turned out perfect. Let me show you how you can make this simple Spring wood bead wreath for yourself too!

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Step 1 – Gather your materials.
Step 2 – Put it together!

This is the fun part, because it gives you a chance to be super creative and put your own touch on your wreath. Go crazy and make this exactly how YOU want it!

Start by gluing down your wooden beads. Glue one down at the top, then glue an even number down both sides. I ended up doing 7 down each side, plus the 1 on top. So all in all I had 15 wooden beads. You can really do as few or as many as you want!

Next, start adding your faux flowers. This part honestly took me the longest, because I’m a perfectionist. The biggest tip I can give is to tie your flowers down with the floral wire or tape first. That way you can see how it all looks and move things around if needed.

After you have all the flowers in place, go back through and use your glue gun to really secure everything down. I also went back and added a few springs of just green foliage where I felt like it needed a little more fullness.

That’s it! Now you have a super pretty Spring wreath. I hung mine on my pantry door and it really does add that perfect Spring touch to my kitchen. It totally brightens up the space, and at a fraction of the cost I could go buy it for!

Let me know if you liked this Simple Spring Wood Bead Wreath and if you’d ever try it out for yourself. Also, stay tuned for more Spring touches I made throughout my home using these same flowers! If you want more Spring inspiration, check out all my Spring posts HERE!

2 Thoughts on Do It Yourself Simple Spring Wood Bead Wreath
    19 Feb 2021

    This is such a pretty wreath for Spring! I think this would also be a beautiful DIY project for a bride-to-be. She could make these for decorations, bridesmaid gifts, or mother’s gifts. I think anyone would love be thrilled to receive this lovely floral wreath, especially if the one they love made it!!

      22 Feb 2021

      Fun idea!! It’s so simple to make and can really be customized to anything!

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